Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Footsteps, among other things

Like growth, happiness, love, laughter and puppy cuddles.

A few weeks ago I went to my first trial by myself. No mother. I drove there...and didn't panic once! I so earned the cupcakes Tracy brought for me when I got there. (you're the best, by the way). Everyone was amazed that I was there without my mom. They all took care of me. Like one big family. I love them. And Lynda Yielding was judging...she's my most favorite ever!

Toffee looked to be feeling better and running really nicely! But then a bee attacked her while on course. It must have stung her, because later on, when I got her out for her last run for Saturday, she was limping and really subdued. I started crying, of course. I thought for sure my dog was broken. She wasn't even barking at the dogs walking by her crate. (Which, if you know her, is amazing). She was fine by that evening, but I didn't run her Sunday just to be safe. Although, I really wanted to.

She seems to be fine now. Hopefully getting in to see the vet to get her ribs/shoulders done. This weekend the grass was really dry and slippery. She seemed to struggle at some spots - like all the dogs, but mostly I found on the aframe. Maybe that was slippery, too. I never checked. BUT, my Toffee girl never disappoints and still got 4/5 and 7/8 Q's for the two weekends. She's like a machine, I tell  ya!

Waiting patiently beside me for some quality cuddle time....

Also, thanks to the awesome Tracy for taping and taking pictures. I never have pictures! You rock.

Well, I love him. He's amazing.

He earned his AGDC (finally got out of Adv. Snooker!) and his MADC title! That standard run was the best run to date. Mmm, pure bliss. It felt awesome. You know what's cool? Mach had his first Q and his MAD under Lynda. She's good to have around. Great karma. I like her.

This weekend at FAST we got Judge's Choice for being "a phenomenal team". I was very proud of our runs this weekend. All of them had one bar, but that was the only thing that made them imperfect. Although, in my mind they were all perfect. (okay, minus one run. Yikes). I'm so stoked about how he's running. Makes me excited....


I start University soon. Too soon. I'm not really excited for it yet. There's too much to do before fall comes. Summer just isn't long enough. But I am excited to wear sweaters for some reason.

And inspirational photo...GO!

dream on...


  1. My first agility trial alone is next weekend! 19 year old and I've never been to one without my Dad, hopefully I can keep my cool and not go into crazy panic mode. University will be amazing, I promise you 1000000x better than highschool, except for the whole school work thing, but the people are much better!

  2. You're welcome! It was fun to hold a working camera. :)