Friday, May 25, 2012

Brilliance. And trying to put everything in one post. And lots of agility. And grad year! And life and love and laughter and awesomeness.

Wicked post title.

So, I thought I should reflect on last weekend's trial before I go into another trial this weekend.
Here goes.

It was brilliant. Both dogs were really running superbly.

Let's start with Toffinator.
She's cool. Rad. Awesome. Wicked. Amazing. That's all I really have to say about her. She's done her share of incredibleness and I couldn't ask for more with her. She's my special little girl...and...gah, I just love her. I wanna squeeze her little pointy face all the time. Squeee!

She was a little sore though. She took a few jumps kinda wierd and was really twitchy for a few days after. I mean, she's always twitchy, but it was worse than usual. Poor squirly. This is how awesome she did.

I meant to get a picture of her and Mach, but I forgot. I don't think I took any pictures all weekend. Sadness.

Mach! There's always lots to talk about with Mach. We're always growing, learning and being awesome together. There used to be lots to talk about with Toffee, but she's all grow'ded up.


The first run of the day was a clean run and a title!! Weee! We're up to Masters Standard now! How cool!?!!! So much excitment!! His other runs that day were really nice. I could feel a difference in him from turf to grass. He's a lot more powerful but cleaner and tighter with his movements. He got a steeplechase Q on Saturday, too!

Masters standard is only challenging with the dogwalk exits. Other than that, he's perfect. I had to leave after the dogwalk on his first standard on Sunday. Even when I took him back and ran him straight off, he still missed it. Sigh. I guess it was a soft turn. And those are hard. But I needed to get off. My brain was mostly a bunch of "kjsdf;lkajsdj|" On our way out, though, he had a really nice aframe contact! haha.

We got our second Advanced Gambler Q, which means 1 more for our title! He didn't even hesitate on the main gamble. Which is cool, considering I haven't really trained him to do gambles. H didn't do one of the minis, but the weave one he did perfect! Cool dog. And and and and and, probably the most exciting part was when we got our starter snooker Q!!! FINALLY! That was our Starter games title! Now we're out of starters in everything.

To solidify his wickedness, when I fed him his supper after he was done running, I acidentally left his crate door wide open. Now, you have to realize how terifying that is to me. Remember his running away incidences? Where he would run away and not come back. ever. and it was really. scary? Remember that? Well, my golly, that dog, an hour later, was sound asleep in his crate.


Here's how he did!


I only have 10 days of highschool left. EXCITED. I've been so incredibly busy with all these grad events and end of the year projects, essays, assignments and tests, and other school events and agility that .... well, it's insanity.

Monday we had "Lion King". Our school mascot is a lion, and this is a show for the Grad boys. It's basically a pagent, but it's hilarious. I wish I took videos or pictures. I laughed a lot. A lot. We went out for ice cream after. Yum.

Last night was the last dance. I wasn't planning on going. I usually don't like them. They're really lame, the music sucks and I'm tired and want to fall asleep. And it's so loud. But friends convinced me. Guilt trip....and I'm so glad they did. It was so much incredible fun! Way awesome to just let go and DANCE. I love dancing. We went out for ice cream after. Yum.

Today was Aboriginal Awareness Day. At the end, we went and danced in front of the school. That was fun. And we got free food. Win.

After we mowed the agility fields, mom, dad and I went went out for ice cream. Yum.

Come to think of it, I've been eating way too much ice cream. Don't care.

Then we have a trial this weekend, another grad dinner on monday, the last coffee house on tuesday and who knows what else.

I like mangos.

Wanna see an awesome picture? Yes.


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