Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting There

TNA Trial.

First trial at 26" for Mach. All in all, it wasn't bad. Started off a little rough. Maybe a little stiff from hill running? Maybe not. Drop 3 bars and then 1 bar in the steeplechases on friday, but he had good strides all the way around the course. So I'm happy with that!

He had a beautiful gamble. Fantastic contacts and weaves. Although he kinda sorta kinda maybe took the double sideways. Ouch. Had a little crash and burn, but recovered extremely well and even though we were on the other side of the ring from the main gamble when the buzzer went, we got it! Yay! That was our first advanced gamble. The rest of saturday wasn't really good. We trained in both the standard are jumpers. But had really good moments up to that point. (Especially the standard! Beautiful opening and that DOGWALK!)

Sunday was better. No Q's, although we were one bar from getting our standard and jumpers. Oh well. I was in a better space all of sunday and we ran a lot better because of it. I'm really happy with how he's running. I love how I can relax when I got into the ring with him. He doesn't need to be on leash anymore, he doesn't need a "catcher" at the end of a run. He's there with me the entire time, so it's the least I can do to be there with him the entire time, too.

La la la, life goes on. My mind was at war with itself for most of the weekend trying to find a good balance in there somewhere. I knew that it really wasn't a big deal that he was knocking all these bars and that he'd get the hang of it. And we were on some pretty slippy turf...but I knew he could have done all of those with ease. On the drive back, Obla Di Obla Da came la la, life goes on. And it does. That trial had some really fantastic moments, and some not so great, but now it's past and all I can do is better prepare ourselves for our future. All is well.

Toffee girl was as fantastic as she always is. Friday night, we got into the finals for steeplechase again, and {won it!!} weeee! I love this dog so much!!! 100$ is a much needed deposit into my pocket at the moment.

{The rest of her runs we fantastical!} I'm always just so happy when I run her! She's so much fun :) 6 more Q's for da girly.

Today Mach and I went to another Jess Martin seminar! It was really awesome. They always are. Jess is so full of knowledge. And her head is full of really great sequences. Challenging ones. Lots of thinking this morning. A lot of go go go and decel and then go go go and then decel. And turning hips to the right, and then to the left and then decel and then go go go! Weeooo. I was toast by the afternoon. Mach was zonked right out in his crate. I had to wake the poor guy up for his last couple of turns.

What a special little snail :) Love him. Toffee was very excited to see me when I got home. :) Love her.

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