Monday, November 26, 2012

Rule 5

My friend and I sat down to watch People Like Us. Towards the end, they pulled out some great advice. A list of 6, but the fifth rule resonated with me.

"Lean into it. The outcome doesn't matter. What matters is that you were there for it, whatever it is - good or bad."
Some days I feel like I'm running - in the opposite direction, while others, I'm diving head first into things. I haven't found the balance between the two and just leaned. I'm either scared or blindly obsessed, which leads me to not be all there. No full connection between body, mind and soul.

I've been afraid of missing out on life for my entire life, which doesn't make any sense. But I think a lot of people go through that; get stuck in the routine of it all and worry and waste away all the time that could have been used to make something real.

To feel that connection. Whatever it may be. Whatever gives you that clarity in those moments in life. Lean into that. Tap into that source of power. Maybe it's in another person, within yourself or even outside the known and concrete. Just to find clarity in the bad moments, or in any moment and just be there. That is ....

I thought long and hard for a word that would describe that situation, but couldn't come up with any. That's the thing with life, not all things come and go with ease. Some things are good, and some things are bad. But they're all moments strung together that make up our story, so we might as well be there for it. Own it. Be there, in the good and the bad.

Learning how to block out all the expectations and desired outcomes of my decisions has been a challenge, but everyday I am learning. Life is full of learning opportunities. We just need to learn to grab them and grow from them and know that life is not seperate stepping stones, but rather a cummulative process. Everything you do has an effect on the next thing you think, feel and act out and knowing that allows you to be there, in that moment and understand and interpret everything the way it should be.

As for me, I think I have the best little teachers out there. They're always putting things into perspective for me; the little joys and the little moments of life. A constant reminder just to lean into it.

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