Friday, December 21, 2012


Although that day is supposed to be today, I don't think the world is going to end. Or ever in my lifetime. But what I do know for certain is that this year is coming to an end. 2012 has been the most rollercoaster ride of a year yet. A lot of ups and a lot of downs. A lot of happiness and a lot of fear.

Getting accepted to university, prom, graduating from high school, lots of agility, teaching, camping, hiking, swimming, living on my own for a bit this summer, flying across the country to nationals with my dogs and mother, placing fourth with Toffee, watching Mach grow into a fabulous boy, starting university, hating most of it, liking some of it, learning lots, laughing lots, freaking out way too much about my future, crying some, but in the end, having one heck of a year.

This year I read Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and countless other books. I created art, and I liked what I made. I experienced new music, made new friends, went on amazing adventures, explored new corners of my mind, and tasted freedom. I let myself get wrapped up in life and experienced every moment that I possibly could. I failed, I tried again and I succeeded. I spoke my mind, I bit my tongue, I was proud of myself, and I let myself be reminded by the pure joy of the little things; nacho dip, a sunrise, the way the dogs follow me around the house all day long, clean water, and a cloudless sky. Those are the big things when you let them be - like mountains and tall trees and s`mores at the bonfire.

All those little moments and big moments all add up to give you another year, another story, another adventure. And so, for 2013, I vow to let every single moment be a big, important, extraordinary moment and let myself, by next December, be able to tell another great chapter in the story we all call life.

Happy Holidays!

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