Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping in the woods!

Ah, I have many things to share...

First things first. A few weekends ago, my Outdoor Pursuits class went for our camping trip to Fundy National Park. It was So. So. So. So. So. Fun. So fun!

We hiked 5k on thursday to Tracey Lake and set up our tents there for the night. We cooked supper, hung out, explored the woods a little bit, played games..just had a ball!

The girls, minus one all ready for the hike!!

Some of the boys cooking their supper!

Friday morning, we woke up, made breakfast and made our way back 5k, where we switched with the other class that was on the trip the same weekend, but when to the other site first.

The second site had a hut with actual bathrooms..not a hole in the groud, surrounded by wood....
And running water, and we were allowed to have a fire there!

We went into "town" to the beach when it was low tide and picked shells and had some fun there. We then walked to the Lobster Shop (there was basically one on every corner..and there was about maybe 10 buildings in the entire place. Hahah.) I got to put the elastics on one of the lobsters claws. It was pretty cool!

There was also a whale vertebrae outside this shop...We could almost fit our entire class on it!

Yeahh...we're a little grungy. But that's okay! Ha, it's part of the experience!!

We went back to the site and hung out, made s'mores and Jam Jams...

Okay, I'm tellin' ya, these things are the BEST. THINGS. IN. THE. WORLD. Dough wrapped around a stick, roasted over the fire until crispy/flakey, then pop it off and add jam and whipped cream. SO GOOD. Now known as the Holy Jam Jam.

Cooking Supper!

Later on the boys played ultimate frisbee. I suggested they play shirts vs. skins, but it ended up as skins vs. skins. I'm not complaining...no pictures :( sorry hahaha

Then we went back to the beach to see high tide, which was cool to see how high it came in. And then the boys played another game, that I'm sure if the girls played, we would have died. Seriously. They're so intense hahaha

This was Saturday morning when we were all packing up to go home. I honestly didn't want to go home..I was having a ball (except  some dry clothes would be a bonus...)

I love my class..they're the greatest group!!

One of the best teachers in the world. Seriously, he's amazing!
happy day everyone!

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