Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dreaming and Living and Loving

I admit it, I am a book worm. I quite love it. I read Just Listen, finally, by Sarah Dessen. It was the exact book that I needed at this point in my life. It talks about telling the truth, and music, a lot of music, and accepting new things, trying new things, being a new you, personal growth, etc, etc. It's definitely one of my favorites now, and I recommend it to everyone! It most certainly changed the way I look at things now...

I did have to read it for english class. She gave us 4 weeks to read it...I finished it in 2 days. Then I finished another book the next day - one of the 4 I have on the go right now. I can't help myself anymore. Books are fantastic!

I've been day dreaming, wishing winter was over and not storming like it is right now..
I went to the theatres last night with my two besties to see The Vow...ah, it was magical. It was frustrating at some points, but mostly heart warming. I cried a lot during it. But that's nothing new...haha

Thanks to my wonderful friend Morgan (for all you Pinners out there..she's super rad), I am now obessed with the blog From Moon to Moon. It's a fabulous, inspiring space. You should definitely take a look. Another blog that I read pushed me along this path ... it's a tumblr page full of greatness. Again, go take a look. I'm going to share some things that I love, that I wished I lived in and that I'm always dreaming about. Enjoy.

First, though...I painting that I made!

I want to let the waves speak to me, the breeze tell me the secrets of the earth, and the soil to run in my viens. This, I do know, is for certain...

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