Thursday, February 2, 2012

And sometimes...

everything will turn out. Yeah, they will! I promise you.

I'm stoked that it's February, and that today I started my last semester of highschool (yeah, we had a snow day yesterday). I have pretty stacked classes, so I'm excited about that. Cool people and all. Teachers seem cool, too. Except one. My english teacher..soo boring already! On the plus side to that, my math teacher, the newbie, is quite hilarious, so it'll make for a good time, if nothing else (while I'm dying because I understand nothing). And even though I'm in grade 11 art (because I didn't take it last year) and I know no one in my class, it's good. It's good because it's first period, and I can ease into my day without having to deal with anyone and I can just let my creative juices flow before I have to get into science/math mode.

Another great thing about this semester is that I won't have to deal with hallways! We have I think like 1800 students, and the hallways are nowhere near fit enough to hold that many people at transition time. My first three periods are all in the D wing, whose classes are all right beside each other, and my fourth and fifth period classes are directly below/above one another, right at the end of the hallway where there is a staircase. Erin = excited about this.

I'm just glad I'm so close to being done, you know? And that I know what I'm going next year. Big stress not on my shoulders.

This is  my rad dog. His lip is quite hilarious, too.

Did I ever mention that I'm super excited for Sunday? Huh, huh, huh??! Well, I am.

Yesterday was a big "let's get super excited about Nationals that's in August, but who cares that it's 6 months away because they're in British Columbia and that's super exciting" day. I couldn't sleep.

*poor Mach*


  1. I'm so excited, too! I feel like it will be a cool "where we are" assessment. (Ignoring any missed contacts, ha.)

    1. oh, yes...always ignore those pesky missed contacts ;)