Monday, February 20, 2012

A marathon of sorts

"All that I was searching for was me.."


As I sit here, trying to figure out what exactly it is that I want to say, my mind draws a blank. Too much going on, obviously.

Let's see. For starters, school has been busy, and I'm proud to say I've been keeping up with it. The other stuff in life, scholarship applications and summer job applications (dreading) aren't really getting done. Procrastination marathon, ftw.

I have been reading like a mad woman. Needless to say, my resolution is going really well now. I hardly spend any time on the computer and I can honestly say I feel very balanced. I've thought a lot about getting rid of my facebook account, as I have been wanting to do so for a couple years (I know) but haven't been able to. The only thing keeping me from doing this is the connection with people (dog people) who are scattered all over the place. I like getting updates. And also, group projects for school. Facebook is just too easy.

But reading, yeah. I never read the Harry Potter books, but always watched - and loved - the movies. However, I never made it to the first part of the last movie, so I never went to see the last last movie. So, I don't know how it ends..PLEASE don't tell me, anyone!!! You'll break my heart.

I've made it through the first and on my way with the second. I'm really liking them! Of course, who wouldn't?! Book marathons are the best.

I went to Shediac for a funmatch this past saturday. We only brought Mach and was terribly sad to leave Toffee behind. I kept thinking about her and missing her all weekend. We paid a visit to our friend in Moncton, spent the night and slept in! (We are always up at the crack of dawn for agility when we visit). Mom and I went prom dress shopping on Sunday, but silly us, all of the dress shops were closed. Sunday, duh. However, I did find a nice dress at Le Chateau...

I found a really rad shop while out and about yesterday. It's a lot like Cultures, here in town. It had some really great ethnic, cultural finds...I wanted to buy the entire store. Especially the insence. Mmm.

Our grad class had a meeting today, about all of the grad activities coming up, and I can feel this year slipping by already. It's going to be done before I know it.
Life marathon, here we go.

I really need to start getting into shape again. I always do this. I'm pretty good for spring, summer and fall, but when winter hits, it's like my legs are glued to the floor. I went for a run the other day - it was gorgeous out - and went for a steady 30 minutes. Not too bad for the last real work out of mine being November, I think. (haha, wow..see what I mean) I started getting back into yoga, too. My muscles have been sore, but it's all for the better, right? :)

And you know that feeling when you let go of something you've had in your heart for a really, really long time? Like, a part of you is gone, because you've entwined part of who you are, your identity with that? And when you let go, you're a little empty - but only for a moment. Because then you realize you now have room in your heart, mind, body and soul to let new things; experiences, people, love in that place. And then you feel free. Full. Happy. That's how I've been feeling lately. Finally letting go. Flying over head. Being free.

I'll leave that disjointed post at that. I'm going to listen to Fleet Foxes and drink my sleepy time tea and go to bed. Wish me luck on my first bio test tomorrow....

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