Monday, April 11, 2011

Dirty feet and a is good.

Yesterday at least! It was soo amazingly awesome outside. 25 degres on my deck!!! 25!!!!!!! I spent all day outside! I did my homework out there, did yard work, trained the dogs, went for a 40 minute run! (40 minutes!!!) and just laid out in the sun! So great. I love spring weather.  Then we took the pups for a walk in the evening and met up with my aunt who was out for a walk as well. A perfect way to end the long weekend. :)

I have extremely fair skin, you'd swear I was a redhead. But no, through and through a brunnette, but I burn so easily! I'm outisde for like...10 minutes and guaranteed sunburn to be showing up soon enough. I'm so used to getting sunburns, I don't reall notice. I was so excited though, yesterday when it was showing up in the evening. I had this workout tank on, and my back has a lovely white strip down the center boarderd with two lovely shades of red. :)

yay :)

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