Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh Toffee, you amaze me :)

YAY! I love agility trials!
It was so great seeing everyone this weekend. It's been a long, stupid, cold winter. Even though it was probably the coldest it's been all winter at the trial, it was still awesome! windy.

Window shot on the way down.

Three and a half hour drives are no fun. But still worth it.

Friday night was Steeplechase, and of course, Toffee rocked it. It didn't get taped, I so wish it did. It was awesome.

Saturday morning came way too early. I honestly don't know how to sleep in anymore. We started with Gamblers, and Toffee kicked everybody's butts! She did that gamble like it was nothing. Yay for #26...:)
Then it was Team with mom and Bailey. Now...usually Bailey is just as awesome, except Bailey will be 12 in august. Bailey decided to not run awesome and had some other fun instead. hehehe ;) Ah well, Toffee ran great, that's all that matters.

This is how it went...

We then had Challenge, which is my absolute favorite course ever. AAC is becoming way too....not competetive. And the Challenge courses are the only real challenge anymore. This one, however wasn't challenging at all. Boo. Anywho, Toffee came first. Again. Yay. We finished the day with standard and it was basically the same course as Challenge, but without one or two little doohickies. Except she missed her aframe contact. You know, I never really trained/practiced me pulling get on that, as this is not the first time this has happened. Sheesh.

We then went out for supper at The Chow (perhaps Choi...cannot remember) Family, a chinese restaurant of course and had an awesome yummy, way too greasy meal. Tony tuned my guitar, too. Which is super awesome, because it's been in my room for three months dying to be played. I'm excited to finally start playing.

Sunday came with gusto and even more cold. But that didn't stop Toffee from getting three out of three Q's! Two standard and one jumpers. So I now need 12 more standard for my lifetime...LIFETIME. OUR LIFETIME!!!! Pumped.

..okay, pictures are not uploading for some reason. Will come soon!

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