Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Days

Oh I love the sun :)
We had almost no snow a couple days ago..we were so close to spring! Then...we recieved 25cm of snow. A full-blown snow storm on the first of April...aww c'mon man! It was ridiculous. But today is a beautiful day. We have company over, who are quite possibly the best people on this earth. My mom and her have been friends since, I think, they were 9. Amazing, huh?

I had my first driving hours yesterday. Kind of freaky, but not as bad as I had suspected. I have my next two hours on Friday. Sean, my driving instructor, is a little odd, to say in the least. I had him as the classroom-portion-teacher. But he was a lot more nerve-racking than before. I hate how people feel the need to be all dominant to get the respect. Like, dude, I'll respect ya, you don't have to be all alpha dog.

I'm going to go for a run now, it says it's 15 degres on the back deck with the sun shining. So beautiful. I can't wait until all this snow melts...again and school to be over! I counted and I only have four full weeks of school, the rest are four day weeks until exams. And then exams will be done, and so will grade 11 and life will be GRAND!

Wassup dude?

Have a beautiful day!

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