Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Step

Another week come and gone, now onto a long four day weekend, full of agility, sun (hopefully) and great friends.

However tiring and long this short week has been, I ended it on great terms.
Today, I got my full license!
Scary, yes. I was shaking for a good half hour after I passed.
All of that time was spent in Service New Brunswick, though.
And so when the super cool guy at the counter asked me if I wanted a new picture, I thought it would take longer to get out of there, so I said no. But It wouldn't have taken any extra time. And now I have to wait four more years to get a new picture from the one I took last summer. And that day, I just rolled out of bed and wrote my test...yikes.
Oh well, it'll be super exciting to get a new one when I'm 20, turning 21.

Also, last weekend we went to a seminar. I was super worried about going, because I felt I would be behind everyone (even though I know he's 2-6 months younger then all of them...). But it turned out to be a super riviting experience. We came home with tons to work on, but I saw lots of things that I didn't know he had in him. We tried brand new things, and he shone so bright.

Last Friday, I thought I would see how he would be on a full height dogwalk, and he took to it, right away. So Sunday night when I came home, I brought him out and he went over it with even more confidence and speed. Then I went out every day after school and worked with him for 5 or 10 minutes on the weaves, dw, aframe and teeter, and I see big improvements even in the one session. He's a star, I just have to believe.

Today is my mama's birthday :) She's the best.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM :) love youuu <3

Coolest ever.

I'll leave you with a cliche quote, but I still love it.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." 

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