Sunday, November 20, 2011

Falling into place

Well, it's trying to anyways.
Life, that is.

As you probably know, I am graduating from high school this year. That means university and real life is coming near. Did you know that it is the second half of November already? Yeah, it is. Time is a funny thing, eh. Sneaks up on ya, that's for sure.

I've really gotta decide what I want to do with my life...pretty freakin soon. I have to get scholarships and applications all figured out. Oh, and the thing where I decide which school I want to go to, too.

Everyone keeps telling me that I don't need to figure it out...that they don't even have it figured out and they're all adults. I don't like that...I need some stability in my future. It just scares me.
Last week, our school put on a career fair. In the back of my mind, I know I'm going to UNBF. I get to stay at home, with my dogs, my room, my mom's food and everything familiar. I like familiar.

On the other hand, I am clearly freaking out, because I honestly don't know what I want. Do I really want to do this for the rest of my life? Wouldn't that be so much fun to do? Oh, but it would be cool to volunteer for a year and not to go school. But, if I don't go to school right away, I would not want to go back after being free.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. A teenager who doesn't know what to do with their life, how weird. With me, though, I've always known what I wanted to do. Yea, it changed over time. I wanted to be a princess, then a hair dresser, then an architech, then a dog trainer, then a vet, and then a animal rehab practitioner. Now....notta.

Yes, I would LOVE to do rehab. How fun! Getting there, however is what is keeping my mind a little grey. But you know what else I think would be wicked? Training dogs and travelling the world teaching others. Now, that's my kind of life. I want to be like Susan Garrett or Nancy Gyes. Training, teaching, playing. All the time. Sure, it would take lots of work, just like anything in life. But I LOVE teaching, and training and playing. More than anything.

Of course, it only happens to a select few. You have to get a name for yourself first. Maybe it could happen, maybe not.

I'm obviously just not gonna not go to school, waiting for a distant dream to come true. Nah, I gotta be a real person and go to school and learn boring things. Well, some boring things.

So, back tracking to the career fair, I got talking to a lady from NSAC (Nova Scotia Agricultural College). They have some really cool programs. They have animal science, and pet specialty with a buisness diploma attached, and other cool and earthy things. I like earthy.

I lady who I have known for a while, taught agility to and cool things like that told me that's where she graduated from and loved it there. She said there's lots of farm people who have John Deer sheets on their beds. And they wear overall's to class. So they're all awesome.

If nothing else, I would be surrounded by a bunch of people who love animals and and cool that way.

oof. Deep breaths, right?

In other news, Mach's dogwalk seems to be getting much better...getting lower hits and more speed. Im trying something a little different. And today, I drove myself and Tof across town and went to the FSPCA's Pet Expo and did demos. Ahh, growing up. Ain't it a treat...


  1. I'm pretty sure I've written this post before! HA! :) Going back to school next semester has all of these emotions spinning up for me again too. I think just keep reminding yourself that it does all work out, but you have to keep moving forward, doing *something*. Don't worry about making the wrong decisions... that's one that gets me a lot.

    You're great, and you'll keep being great.

  2. Erin, you are totally going to be one of the best in the sport! I definitely would not doubt that. It was really fun watching you...I'm sure everyone else will get a chance to one day, also. :)