Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Start

Yup yup. Semester 2 begins tomorrow. Doesn't seem fair, right? I knoooow.

I'm just gonna say, because I'm kinda proud, that these past two days have been the most productive days I've had in months! Seriously, I've gotten so many things that needed to be done, done! Feels grrreat! (about a million year's worth of laundry, and a room cleaned and re organized..)

Last weekend at the barn mom got some clips of Mach's dogwalk. I haven't put it in sequence for a while, so I was just doing straight on, straight off. He was awesome! Look!

I took some pictures on my little old camera...better than nothing, right?

I also made fudge yesterday...and it's almost gone. Okay, I'm sorry, but it's really addicting. nom nom nom. I'm craving something healthy though..ugh, so sicky.

I found this on philly's website a while ago and I make it whenever we have all ingredients...so yummy!!

Bagel, cream cheese and thin apple slices! nom nom nom

This is my mug that I painted at Clay Cafe...I'm so pleased about how it turned out! And yummy tea, too...nom nom nom.

I made these a while ago, but thought I would share anyways. Crafty crafty.

and of course I colored a drawing of the woostock poster, of course I did... :)

And filling out my lovely journal is always fun :)

and reading...I'm becoming somewhat of a book worm. I kinda like it!

I'm still kinda sad :( all over...

and here's one my favorite things in my room, my dream catcher!

My mom wrote this for me when I woke up on thursday (the day I was supposed to write math) Isn't she the cutest? :) hehe, I love her.

and I straightened my hair! Haven't done that in ages it seems. Feel so good now that I got a trim..sad to let go of two inches though :( haha My hair is precious, don't ya know.

Okay, wanna see another video? Here's Mach and Rowdie doing handstands :)

Oh, oh, oh! Today, I found three new people, music wise!!
Very exciting!!!

Griffin House

Great Lake Swimmers

Gary Jules

So lovely :)

Also, I'm now obsessed with Walk Off The Earth, because of this video so I started watching all of their videos and I love love love this one. So fun!


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