Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cosmic Love

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The stars, the moooooon

Today was officially the first day of spring, and it was b-e-a-u-tiful!! I think it went up to 21!! (tomorrow is supposed to go up to 24!!)

The weather, of course, makes it that much harder to stay focused on school. It really makes me wanna run around in the grass with my dogs and not do bio.

I went outside at lunch time. That was nice :). When I got home, I also went right outside and painted my nails, and basked in the sun and listened to music.

My feet got dirty for the first time this year. I also got my first sunburn. LIFE IS GOOOOD.

We had a BBQ for supper. Mom made me chicken burgers :) They had cheese burgers. And we had salad.

This is our yummy supper. I ate too much.

Our neighbour called when we were finishing and asked us to go for a walk with her!

So we took all the dogs for a walk. It was LOVELY outside. So warm!

The buds on the trees are starting to come in!
Cheers to spring! And thrift store finds!

The snow is melllllllllting. I am glad. But there is snow in the forecast...sigh.

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  1. That picture makes me so cold! (But cute dress.) It was warm here but the wind was deceivingly brutal...I think my feet are still freezing from my attempt to run outside without shoes...