Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a lovely life that I lead

March break was a beautiful break. On thursday, it went up to 19 degrees. NINETEEN. In march! Whaaaat. I was at my friend Morgan`s. We woke up and made a wonderful breakfast and then we decided to go for a walk. We walked across the bridge and spent the afternoon downtown. We went to ReNeu Boutique, tried on vintage dresses, went for lunch at Relish and I experienced the best veggie burger known to man. YUM. Our feet were soaked.

We took a couple of pictures, too.

This is us when we went skiing on the first Sunday of march break.

Vintage goggles, ftw.

When we arrived back at her house, I got a text from my mom that Andrea wanted me to come over and paint with her. My day got a lot better. And my day was already the best ever. So I got home a half hour later and Andrea picked me up. We got some groceries, I chatted with a friend who was working (I missed her) and then we went to A`s house.

This is what I came up with:

It is actually my art project. I drew Ben Howard from a grid. Then I put pastel strpes on a thicker paper, painted over it in black paint, then took a screw and scratched out lyrics of his and then glued him in place.  I handed it in on Monday and then on Tuesday, it was among the posters that were hung up in the classroom! I don`t think I`ve ever had any of my work displayed before!

So yes, this is the first week back to school and though it is only Wednesday (and we have a snow day) I feel like I`ve been back for a month. It could be because I`m really tired from staying up really late at night, reading Harry Potter. I`m on Order of the Phoenix and it is so frustrating to read! Grr! But it`s so good, I can`t bare to stop reading. Though I forced myself out of bed to work on my chemistry. That`s also frustrating, but not good enough to make me want to continue doing it. So I took a break to write this.

This weekend I am heading off for a seminar with Jess Martin! I`m excited. Last time, Mach was so surprising, I just can`t wait to see what else he can do. However, I am a little nervous, because we haven`t done that much training since I last saw her in november, and last weekend didn`t go so great...

I really can`t wait for spring to get here, so I can get outside and move and train and smell the air. I can`t wait for the end of this month, where I`ll be going to my first trial of the year! (There was one last weekend, but we didn`t go) And then I can`t wait to be done school! (I got my other prom dress over the break!) And I can`t wait to start trialing more regularily and seeing everyone!

But mostly, I can`t wait for Nationals! I`m so ready for a great big adventure!

Okay, back to chemistry..because I want to get back to Harry Potter.

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