Tuesday, March 6, 2012

march breakin'

alas, march break is upon us. YAY!!

I'm ever so excited that I have this next week off! Finally a time to relax, and only do a little homework (Ms. Gesner.....)

We went to the barn, as per usual, on saturday morning. Both dogs were fantastic! Mach is really starting to mature. I commented to mom "Isn't he being all grown-up, lately." He really has been. Since he was a puppy, his confidence was the lowest on the spectrum. Commotion terrified him, noises, new places, new dogs or people - everything. He was a wreck. He would run away and not come back (okay, partly my fault for not focusing on recalls when he was a pup....), he'd sulk away in a corner and you'd have to wonder if it was possible that he was depressed or something. He'd be slow out on the agility field if he was worried about any of the things stated above.

BUT. I can see everything clicking together now and there isn't a better feeling than that. That I persevered when things were a little on the rough side. I've had my share of behaviour problems, but timidness was the hardest to get through, however, the one that has been almost ultimately overcome. Toffee still has her moments with other dogs, but mostly if she's on leash going around the block with me. At agility trials/training, it seems as though she's most comfortable there, and perhaps it's because that's where I feel where my home is, too.

Long story short, I'm ecstatic that things in all dog training is coming together :)

I finally did watch Chamber of Secrets and I watched Prisoner of Askaban, too. Man, I just really love Harry Potter. I really do.  I'm about half way done Goblet of Fire right now. A lady who trains with us said she'd let us borrow the last few movies, because we only have up to Goblet of Fire. I'm so excited!! Now so many things in the world make sense. There are lots of Harry Potter references in the world, jussayin.

On Sunday, I went up to Crabbe (ski hill) with my bestie.We listened to Ben Howard and City and Color while laying in the back, maybe dozed off a few times and partly soffocated from all of my layers.  I haven't been skiing since grade 8. I think I went once in grade 10, so that doesn't really count. I used to go skiing all of the time, but basketball got in the way and then I was so busy with school and agility that I didn't know how to make time for it.

My whole family loved it. My oldest brother, Tyler, especially. He was right into the whole jump-off-a-ski-jump-and-do-flips-and-almost-kill-yourself sort of thing. I miss him. Anyways, I was hoping that skiing would be just like riding a bike, and I'm very glad it was. It felt SO great to get back out on the hill. I think it helped that yesterday was such beautiful day - 7 degrees, clear sky, no wind. I wasn't cold at all. AH! I'm just thinking about how great it was. It was so great. So great. I think I needed to be away from skiing all of the time to really appreciate the sport. I want to go back!!

I think it must have been either grade 6 or 7 that we rented a chalet up at the hill over march break. It was cool to be able to just wake up in this cute log cabin, eat a warm breakfast that dad cooked, put on your gear, walk up the road a bit, put your skis on, and be at the top of the mountain. Way too much fun! I remember that the owners of the chalet had that game with the bean bags - where you throw them into a target with holes..you know that game? Everytime I think of that game, I think of the chalet and of skiing. Also, Tyler was getting right into Jack Johnson at the time and that's all we listened to those few days. So, everytime Jack Johnson plays, especially his older songs like Banana Pancakes, Sitting, Waiting, Wishing and Better Together (which were on repeat) bring me back to that chalet.
Definitely one of my favorite memories.

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