Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day trial!

There was a one day trial today, in Salisbury! Although there was 6 runs, I only entered 4...needed to get home for the festivities with my friends, of course! It would have been nice to do those two jumpers, but I'm going to have a great time tonight, I'm sure of it. All worth the while.

We ran in one standard and three steeplechase. Toffee girl was a superstar, as per usual. She ran four for four. The judge even commented on our standard run, saying it was beautiful and "that's how it's done!" hehe :) It was a toughy for sure. Her steeplechases were beautiful ... Everything about that dog's spirit is beautiful. Gah, I love her. She was among very few who qualified in all the SC's, but her times were the best out of them in the specials/vets, so she got Top Steeplechase Dog!

Mach didn't like the standard as much but still had good moments! He Q'd in all three steeplechase, making him the only open dog to do so, which made him Top Steeplechase Dog, too! Yay! Althoughhh, he had a bar in every run... Thank goodness for running contacts, I suppose.

It was great weather...a little on the warm side, but the river was at the ready to cool us off. I'm getting really excited for nationals, but I definitely need to train more between now and then... Which is only a month away, seeing how we leave on the 31st! Fast approaching!

If nothing else, it's for the experience with Mach, I'm just so ecstatic about how he's running... Eeek! So excited!

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