Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Long Ago and Nature and Agility and Lots of Pictures

I graduated highschool a month ago. I didn't write about the adventures of grad week. That was a long week. And a long time ago. Almost seems silly that for my whole life, it was all leading up to that moment, and it took me about 7 seconds to walk across the stage and have my diploma handed to me. I'm not saying it's not a big deal, I'm just saying it's a little silly sometimes.

I did get a big cheer, though. :)

Here are some pictures of me and my friends.

All done.

Oh. And prom.

I went on a three day camping/hiking trip last week. Just my friend, our dogs and I and Mother Nature. I've always said that I could live in the woods, but after this weekend, I can back that statement up. I could seriously live in the woods for the rest of my life. I'm not even kidding.

We hiked 8 trails over the three days. The dogs went swimming three times and ran around in a field a couple of times. Mach was tired. I wish I had that in my backyard. We met some different wildlife. Andrea kept feeding the squirrels peanut butter pancakes, so one invited all of his friends. It was slightly terrifying. They are bold little creatures. Also, our campsite was attacked by something one night. Pizza. Most likely a raccoon. Everyone loves pizza.

Here are some more pictures.

It was quite refreshing to get away and smell the nature. The trees. The dirt. Waking up with the sun. Dancing around the fire. Climbing trees. Breathing in the ocean air. I wrote in my journal. My brain was very quiet while we walked. It was nice. But at night everything came flooding in. So I wrote by the fire. Peaceful, it was.

So I've been to three trials this month. {Two one-day trials} and one full trial. {Mach} and {Toffee} were so good, as always. I checked my books yesterday, and Toffee already has 50 Q's and Mach 25 Q's! So much awesome! Mach is getting smoother and more consistant in his runs...just those pesky bars that keep us from qualifying. Not that Q's really matter. He had some beautiful runs this past weekend, with just one bar. I couldn't be more proud! He's come such a long way in just one year. And Toffee...well, sigh, Toffee. :)

A week from now we're off to the West Coast island for nationals! I can hardly contain my excitment! It doesn't feel like it should be here, or that July should be over.

It's almost Great Big Adventure Time!!!

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