Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speed Bumps and Summer Vibes

I've been dealing with some personal speed bumps lately. Of which keep me up with the stars and the moon to turn them over in my mind. I keep going back to them, perhaps hoping for a different face when I turn the coin over. But it's always the same, just a bit dirtier from all the handling, yet somehow a little clearer. Sometimes the speed bumps that we meet on our road are simply there to tell us to slow down. Slow way down. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Even though they warn you to slow down, you just want to know what it feels like going full speed ahead and not looking back in regret. But when the damage is done, all you can say to yourself is to not do it again. Experience. Right?

Speed bumps are imporant. They allow you to regroup, reflect, rethink. They allow for growth. They require strength, but give you more in return. When you finally make it over that bump, you're homefree. You can run with wild, reckless abandon. You will be free. And isn't freedom what we're all looking for? Just one more push and you'll be free.

Sometimes what I desire most is to be free from my own mind. It gets pretty loud up there sometimes; so many thoughts coursing through the river. I feel as though sometimes it might flood the entire valley. There's been a lot of war going on inside my head lately; trying to figure our how to get over this bump in the road. But, the little engine that could, eh?

Speed bumps just give you a launching pad and air beneath your wings. They let you fly...let you soar. My brain is ready to soar, but my heart is keeping its feet on the ground for a little while longer.

In other news, I've really been soaking up all the Summer Vibes that I can. My mom, a friend and I went on a day trip to St Andrews on the weekend. Shopped around the cute little town and then hit the beach for the afternoon. A friend and I are taking Mach and her dog Zedd camping tomorrow for three days. A total back-to-nature kind of trip, with little to no electronics (minus a camera, of course!), good tunes, lots of hiking and relaxation in the wilderness.

This weekend is our last trial before we leave for nationals! Can't wait! 14 days! Woop woop!!

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