Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just flying by

Ahh, time is a tickin'

Last weekend (Easter Weekend) we were at a trial. Super awesome, indeedio. Toffee rocks at everything, you know.  7/8 Q's ain't too shabby, eh? :)

Here she is...

So good.

I also got to run this amazing border collie, Blaze. His owner has been saying for a long time that I could run him in a jumpers sometime..I thought that time would never come. But I guess throwing your back out has some upsides (okay, none for him [poor guy], but I got to run him because of it!)

He is incredibly fast and incredibly awesome. He's 7, I think but has lost none of his gusto. He is a national champion, too. He won the 2009 AAC Nationals in the 22" Regular division. (Saawweeeeet)

He is a lil' wired at the start line and well...I couldn't get him lined up. He circles your feet and does crazy neurotic border collie things, and I sucked at lining him up, so he altogether missed the first jump.hahaha, but the rest was beautiful. We got through all the hard parts (the actual handling) but failed at supporting him to a tunnel, so he pulled off. What a good dog :)

Here he is...

This past weekend there was another trial. And once again, Toffee rocked everything in life. She's so sweet and so kind and so amazing, I am so blessed to run this wild journey through life with her. Seriously amazing.

Here she is ...

Okay, um, youtube is being weird. BUT here it is.

I am up very late writing this because I haven't in a while, but I should go to bed. I haven't done any of my physics homework..eeeks. I have a Math midterm/accumulative thingy tomorrow, but I don't think it will be that bad. It's only an hour long, two pages. Piece of Cake. I should go to bed...but I won't. I'm very stubborn sometimes...

A Rowdie Rooster picture, just because.

Last night we started classes again. Looks like a promising group of teams this year. From now until school's over, Monday's will be even longer, but that's alright. I love my job :)

oh my gosh, I really gotta go to bed.

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