Friday, April 13, 2012

Harry Potter

I finished.
The last book.
Monday night.
I'm sad it's over. Really really really sad.

Those were the most fantastical books I ever did read. All of them. I'm in love.


And I've spent most of my evenings this week(when I should have been working on my english presentation) watching videos on youtube - interviews, behind the scenes, anything and everything Harry Potter. And then my computer got a virus. It might have been trying to get in for a while, but it wiped almost everything from my hard drive. Music, pictures, videos and documents. This is all very sad.

BUT. I still love Harry Potter.

There is still some anticipation left, as I haven't seen the last few movies. I need to watch them soon, or I might implode.

I'm going to give myself another excuse to prowl through pictures of the cast just so I can add one to this post to give it some sustenance. Does that word even work in that sentence? Probably not. Don't care.

I love Harry Potter. Forever.

And this is the best picture ever.

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