Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Matter of Love

Love is all that is on my mind. My doggies especially! I wrote most of this post in my head on the drive home from Truro Sunday night, but I think I've forgotten most of it. I'll try to remember. I was falling asleep, you know. Disclaimer: This will be very disjointed. Enjoy my srambled eggs of a post.

Friday night was steeplechase round 1 and 2 - the fastest two times from each regular, specials and veterans from whichever run would go to the finals and rerun the second course. Toffee and I made it - Mach was close for regulars! I was up against a 22" border collie. His time was 1 second faster than Tof's, but when I finished and looked at the clock, I forgot that he knocked a bar, so when they yelled to me that I won, it was a surprise all over again! Fun times! I don't hate winning 100$. I tested the blind-cross waters in the final run. Eek! They're kinda fun - and so much easier than front crosses. I don't think I'll use them all the time, but since I know Toffee so well, I think I can do one here and there when she's in the tunnel - just because I can! :)

{Toffee's Steeplechase Runs Here}

Saturday was wonderful! Toffee went 3/4 that day. She only knocked 1 bar in Challenge (the first challenge we haven't Q'd in!) Silly girl. She never kocks bars. But it's okay. She had the fastest time out of everyone!

Machstar was amazing...I can't help but get all mushy when I think about him. Gah. His steeplechase runs were really good, just kocked a bar in the second round and didn't get his weave pole entry! (note to self: Work onside entries!!!) His runs on Saturday were fantastic. He was entered in Advanced standard and Masters Jumpers for the first time this trial and !!!!! Q'd both of them on his first attempt! His yps for standard was around 5 (had to take out the table count, etc) and his jumpers was 6.8 << !!! The point is, we're right on track for Worlds!! :) But his jumpers run. That was my favorite all weekend, I think. Only one little wide turn at the beginning, but made up for it in other spots. Man, I'm just really proud of this dog. I really, really am.

A bunch of us went out to supper that night. Food was yummy. I was in a weird-food-mood. Turkey burger with ketchup and coleslaw? It was oddly delicious. Later friends came to our room and we jammed on his guitar and learned some new songs. I need a cappo.

Even though Sunday was April 1, my morning was not an April Fool's joke. Mom and I both slept through the alarm, the dogs didn't bark at the noise (or we had no idea about it) outside our door, and we woke up at 8:11. (First dog on the line at 8) Sadly, it was starters snooker that was first, so we completely missed it. I ran into the building just as the last dog was running. Sad. I really wanted to get that snooker run in. I still need one more. Sigh. 'Til next time, I s'pose.

Then everything that day went kinda downhill. I mean, Toffee still had a wicked day, 3/4 Q's again (just one little bobble at the end of her jumpers - my fault, you can see in the video, I think it's kinda cute:)). {Toffee's Runs Here} Mach's first run was standard and it was like it was his first time on all the equipment! lol, baby dog run to the max. It was quite comical.Seriously, this is what happened: Missed aframe contact, fly-off on the teeter, I started training to redo the teeter, knocked a bar, bum kept coming up on the table (way cute), bad dogwalk contact, redid that, wide turns, and went around the last obstacle. Haha, all I could really do was laugh. He made up for it in his next standard when he kicked major ass in it!! Q #2!! He had an amazing dogwalk in that run. So good. His jumpers run was so good, i just didn't support him to the back side of a jump and he came through the gap. Still had the third fastest time with the refusal!

To add to me missing my snooker run entirely, mom and I both forgot to walk our masters standard course. (Thankfully it was basically the same as advanced - poor mom was having a little trouble figuring it out;)), I also ripped the seat out of my pants. It was kinda hilarious. But it's a really good excuse to get rid of them - they're 6 years old. I'm surprised they even fit me anymore. But they were basically disintegrating.Old clothes, ftw. Toffee also broke her startline (she never breaks her startline), Newman wouldn't come off the startline (he was notorious for his bad startlines), Toffee slammed into the aframe and almost didn't make it over. She had really bad twitches in her back for the rest of the day. Newman slipped and fell off the aframe and ripped/split/cracked his dewclaw. We had to bandage him up. Poor old thing. And McDonalds gave us fried, not grilled chicken.

Quite a day.

(TNT fam photo) Mach, Wysh, Quake, Kes, Mirage

I ran Jag on Sunday. Eeek! I love running this dog! He's so much fun! We Q'd our standard run, and beat Toffee's time. He's a little speed demon. Our jumpers run was really great, too. Just had some bars. I also ran Ace (the border collie we were against in steeplechase) and had a really good run, too! It's so fun to run other people's dogs. Out of everyone, Ace, Jag and Mach had the fastest times! hehe, cool!
Mach and The Monster

Back to Mach.

Have I mentioned how proud I am of him!?! You can just tell that he loves it now. And it's so comforting to know that I can trust him now. Not necessarily out on the course, which I can do more so now, but before we go into the ring and when we come off the course. He's right there with me. He's not worrying about what's going on around him. He's in the zone. And that helps me be in the zone. It helps me to be "In it to win it" (you won't understand). I was in such a good space for every single one of my runs this weekend, with him and with Toffee. (and Jag and Ace) I can campare this weekend with nationals last summer. It was just all clicking, it was all so serene. When I think about being in a good space, I see the color blue, with thick lines of green paint. Like the ocean and mossy woods together. That's my happy place. That's my good space.

{Mach's Runs Here}
I like it there. :)

On another note. Regionals entries are due this week. (so early, I know) I had to decide what height to jump Mach at. And I've made my decision. Mach is now officially 26". Goodbye 22", it was nice knowing ya!!

Ouuu, the adventures that are awaiting us are all too exciting...can't wait!!


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