Sunday, April 15, 2012

the perks of growing up


I went to the barn by myself today.
It was awesome. Mach's turns on the dogwalk are getting soooo much better!!! So happy with him!
I was hot from the barn, and it was really nice out - like 24 degrees, so I went to DQ and got the new frozen hot chocolate, peanut butter flavour. That was delicious. I ran into my friend and we chatted for a bit, then I went outside and hung out with Mach on the picnic tables.

Two of my friends got back from Aruba last night and her house is close to where I was, so I waited for her to get home from her grandparents house. I took the dogs swimming for the first time this year!! And then just hung out on the green.

and look what she bought me down there!!!

Then another friend came over for supper - bbq's are the best.

I think I got a couple freckles, too.

Did I tell you that my mom booked our flights for Nationals? YES!

Woah, I'm EXCITED.

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