Monday, April 16, 2012


That's me. I'm really lucky.

Sometimes. A lot of times, I take mostly everything I have for granted. And that sucks. I try to be a grateful - oh, and I am, but I don't always show it.


To everyone who has ever touched, even grazed my life. You have changed me. And I'm so happy about where I am in life in this moment. So I really can't thank you enough. There are no words.

Since  half of my life has been my dogs/agility, you can understand that I associate anything and everything with those things. So I can't help but think of how lucky I've been to have met all of those "agility people".

I was 9 years old when I came on the agility scene. Well, my mom did. I was just along for the ride. I'll admit it, it was love at first sight. I was still trying to fit in with my brothers. Apparently Dragon Ball-Z was more interesting than agility? Wahh?! I dunno. But I'm so glad she dragged me along all those years ago.

I was terrified of everything. Seriously. I couldn't talk to people, or even look at them without crying. I would hide behind my mom when people approached me. Let's just say I was a very shy child. But once I started getting into agility and saw just how freakin' awesome it is, I started opening up. It really saved me from myself, if we're being honest here. Agility was my calling. I just got it. I underdstood it. And then all those people didn't seem so scary anymore. If you were one of the few I actually talked to when I was 10 years old, you are AWESOME, jussayin'.

Growing up with a bunch of older people (no, I'm not calling you old. You just weren't 10 years old, that's all :)) is actually quite rad. I have like 30 parents. That's 30 people I can talk to. 30 people who have real life experience and can give me great advice and not just what my friends think I want to hear (although, they are great).

I feel a great deal of love towards all of those "agility people". Personally, I think "agility people" are the coolest. Maritime agility people are even cooler. We're all a big family and I think that's rather special.

They have taught me countless life lessons, told me all about the things that go wrong when you get old and brought me up as one of their own. There's nothing that I am more grateful for than all of their spirits that have guided me through my jouney so far.

So there. That's my lousy attempt of telling you guys just how much I adore you.

Really, I do love you all.

That's us being awesome in 2008.

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