Sunday, January 23, 2011

and so they begin.

Exam week is officially here.
I have been studying like crazy for history, which I write tomorrow. But I haven't really looked at any other subject. Should probably get on that. An exam everyday for five days is a little too much. In my opinion anyway. They're so overrated, too. Who cares if you can memorize a bunch of information? Seriously.

The only ones I'm worried about are chemistry and math. History isn't bad at all, biology shouldn't be, but I really need to start looking over stuff. English is going to be a joke, it's just reading and responding. But I'll be there forever. Chemistry. hmm. I don't think that'll be very good. I know my stuff on hundred percent for one chapter, the stuff we just did is alright, I think, though Ihaven't recieved my mark from that test yet. And the other two .. I don't even remember what they are. uh oh. And math, well, we all know I'll just bomb that. I don't even care anymore.

So, as I'm talking to my friend right now about chemistry, and realizing that I forget a whole bunch of terms, I think that is my cue to go study for tuesday.

I love them old dog :)

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