Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life. It's so insane.

Thursday I taught Mach to backup. In like, five minutes. I swear, if I had time, this dog would be a genius. Put it on cue that night, too. "Beep, beep, beep, beep" Clever, eh?

Friday I dissected a shark. My mom came, which was really nice. I named him Berni. (go see 365 to see the guy.) He was so cool. The liver was by far the best part. It's so huge! So cool. We're finishing up the dissection tomorrow. All I need to do is extract the brain. Seriously. I'm so lucky.

Saturday I went to the barn. Mach was rocking the four straight poles. Getting the easy ones, too.
Toffee, I just don't know if I can say "she's awesome/amazing/perfect/etc." any other way. Because, well, she is all of those things. Honest. She says so, too.

Today, we went to the barn on a whim. Dad needed to fix some of he equipement so I decided to bring Mach and work on his weaves. Which turned out to be awesome. I added the third set of two by two's and he was doing awesome with those six straight, so I put him on a solid six. Now I can say "Mach is awesome/amazing/perfect/etc.", too. Okay, obviously he still needs work on them. But it's so exciting!! My puppy can weave!!

Tomorrow booger will be sixteen months old. He's growing up so fast. I didn't think we'd be so advanced with our training at this point, because of school. But I've become a little better at managing my time. That of course means absolutely no life other than school and agility. But I'm okay with that.

Mach is so wise.

I wrote a debate. er, my mom did. hehehe. I suck at debates. I am the furthest from being an opiniated person and trying to prove a point in front of an entire class. It's just not going to be good. And I'm in the very first group, speaking second, tomorrow. Ahh. scaryy.

I have a chemistry unit test tomorrow. Then on tuesday I have a biology quiz and a chemistry project class presentation. On wednesday I have a history WWII/holocaust unit test, chemistry project parent/professor presentations, and a math test (oh goodness.) Four tests this week. Five exams next week. Like, holy pooh. Insanity.

In history we started watching Schindler's List. Oh my goodness. So intense. I don't know if I blinked the entire hour. I'm actually surprised I didn't have nightmares about it on friday night. It just shows everything. It was so real. We're finishing it tomorrow, which I'm scared to see, because I get so into it. I yelled out "NO!" and "Ahhh, stop!" while the class was watching so many times. I then have to go immediately to my chemistry test. I hope I'm not too freaked out.

I really should get back to looking over my chemistry for tomorrow, but I don't want to. I worked hard today. And this weekend. Yesterday, I spent six hours at my friends house working on chemistry project. It looks good, but holy crap.

This, at the moment, is my favorite song.
It, of course, changes basically everyday.
Because there are so many awesome songs out there.
Oh, music.
Oh, life.

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