Monday, January 10, 2011

Last Day.

Officially the last day of my break. I'm not ready to go back, but there's nothing I can do about time.
We took the Christmas decorations down this morning...finally. I was getting a little old. I mean, I love Christmas, but I was feeling a little clostrophobic. My mom usually takes it all down herself when we're at school, but as much of a pain it was to get every little ornament back into the boxes, it was like a freash start. The house feels more open now.

For the past few days we've been taking the dogs to this field over on the next street. I don't know why we haven't been doing that forever. Its a big open field where the dogs can just run. They never get to just run. Always on a leash. Boo. So it was really fun taking them, seeing them so happy :)

Dogs are extremely smart. It's kind of freaky, actually. Just so you understand how this is, I have to tell you how to get to the field. You leave my house, then you turn right onto this short street then you turn right again onto this other street and you go to the end. The first day, while we walked there, it was just like a normal walk. The second day, Mach started getting all excited and pulling when we were a few houses away from the field. The third day, as we turned onto that second street, Mach started basically screaming or crying that he couldn't get there sooner, then the fourth day as soon as we stepped outside my house. Today it was the same thing, though we decided to keep walking past that last right turn and see if he would calm down. It didn't work. Somehow he knew how to get there by the other road.

So we were walking, planning on going to our dog field, but mom suggested that we walk down this drive way. It's really long and had a For Sale sign. Apparently there's thirty acres there. So we start walking and then we see that it's just a road. We let them go. Long story short, the road is long, we didn't reach the end, I was tired, because I'm extremely out of shape. Mach has absolutely zero recall when he's given freedom...and when Toffee is around. And it was a really nice morning, weather wise, too. Not too cold :) I even took off my mittens for a while ;)

That's my morning. Now I have to go and do some chemistry review, should probably open my math, but I really don't want to. I need to clean, too. Blah.

However the rest of today isn't so bad, tonight I'm going to the barn. Yay!


I didn't bring the camera on our new adventure today, because it was spontaneous. So here's some from one of our other runs at the "Dog Field"
I love this picture. Very very muchly so.

Typical Piercy Pup Picture.
Newman readily at mom's side, Bailey just chillin', Toffee barking and Mach behind Toffee, staring, ready to chase.

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