Sunday, January 9, 2011

I wish there was something exciting.

Sadly, no.
School starts on tuesday. How unfortunate. I'm going to miss Christmas break. I actually did things these past two weeks. Sort of. It was nice not doing anything, or watching movies, staying up late because I wanted to, not because I had to in order to finish my imense pile of homework. Whoever made up my schedule was nuts. Seriously. When we go back we start reviewing. I'll most likely learn even more in bio and chem, because they're intense classes. But I chose level one, I know. At least I absolutely love my bio class. The content, the people and the teacher. It's just a win-win-win situation. But that's basically it.

I wish it was summer. Or at least spring. Don't you just love it when the snow is melting and the first sign of spring is here because you can actually see the grass. Or when the first flower blooms in your garden. (Not mine, because my mom kills every plant she even looks at. It's a disease.) Or when the sky is clear blue and the sun is shining and the chickadee's are singing their good morning song. Or what about when you finally dig out your shorts from way back in the closet and wear them to school for the first time. And sandals. When you get your first sun burn or my absolute favorite part; digging out the agility equipment. Setting up the first sequence and running it - in your barefeet, without snowpants, winter jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, barn dirt all over yourself. It's like you're a new person, ten pounds lighter! It's amazing. I bet people who do agility in like..Florida would really appreciate us here in Canada. We do it all year long, but in the freezing cold weather for 6 months of it. Too bad we can't compete in the winter here. In the maritimes, at least. No place big enough to hold one. Well, there is. but it's in NS. As bummish as it is not playing agility as much as I would like to in the winter, it's nice to give the dogs a break. But I just want school to be over. For it to be nice out again. No snow. No below freezing weather, no bulky outfits. Just summer.

Wait! I do have something exciting!!
Mach was a super big boy today. At the barn we did lots of big boy things, like sequences and decels. I think I'm going to call those "Diggit Up" in him digging up the grass. I thought it was clever. But I might just go with the letter "D" It's easier. But the other one is cooler. hm. We also did teeters. I think next week we will get the other teeter base out and have a full lowered teeter. Hopefully he'll take well to it! Other than that, we did 2x2's. We're almost to four straight poles. Although they are amazing and he's doing very well in them, I noticed today he doesn't know any of the easy entries. Of course it's my fault. From the beginning we worked really hard on the difficult entries and just touched on the easy ones. Oops. Mach can nail the entries from 2 - 10 o'clock, but once we get up in the top pieces of pie - 11-1 o'clock, he has a really hard time. Funny. Only us. ;) Besides the weaves and the teeter and the sequences, we worked on our aframe! Running aframe. It is very exciting. We worked up to probably three and a half feet. Maybe. I don't know, I'm terrible at estimating. But he didn't fail. Not even once! The only thing, though is that he only takes one stride. He hits the up and then soars over the apex like an eagle and then lands in the yellow on the other side. I thought that if I raised it, he would have to step after the apex before taking the final stride, but he didn't. He just soared longer. He's very graceful, though.

I guess there's good and bad with everything. I'll take the good over the bad and work with it and overcome it all.

Here's a picture of Toffee from today. She soars, too.

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