Sunday, January 9, 2011

I was lost.

I used to be a blogger. Honest. Used to write about a plethera of things. But I got lost somewhere. Perhaps it was the lack of subjects to write about, or maybe it was the abundance of them. Enough of that, though. I don't like making excuses. I haven't decided what my New Years resolution is for twenty eleven, yet. Possibly it could be "Make No Excuses". Hmm. Myabe not. Last year it was to enjoy and appreciate even the simplest things in your life. I actually followed through with it. Still am. I think it's something I will forever carry with me. Maybe it helped that I took on this character. No, that's not the word. I think I've been a hippie all my life, I just didn't know it. Now I have taken on this lifestyle. I like it. Makes it easy to just "be". It's easier not to care what people think.

But who cares about people. Seriously? Dogs are much better.

Toffee and Mach. Running until their heart's content.

One dog. Full heart.
Two dogs. Bursting heart.
Much better.

They are my life. I don't care about that quote "A dog isn't our whole world. But they make our lives whole." They're lying. Okay, maybe not. I mean, school, family, friends, etc. But basically, yeah; they're my whole life.

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