Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guess What?

More rain. (sorta...) It's still cold as heck, spitting a little bit every now and again, but it's seemed to hold off for today.

And guess what else?!! (this one is actually exciting)

Mach's ID card came in today!!! Now introducing #18041 :)
I took a picture of it, so I will post later. haha

I think I will put that number into use in July, at the FAST trial. There's a jumpers and a steeplechase that I think he should be able to handle by that point. You know something really cool about that trial? Other than the fact that it is one of my favorite trials of the year, the judge, Lynda Yielding that's booked for that weekend was Toffee's first trial judge back in Setpember 2006. I think it should be good karma or something like that. (eeek!!)

I finished Laguna Cove that day I started it. That is pretty good, seeing how I'm a pretty slow reader..I get distracted easily. (ha) And well, I rarely can keep focused on one book for longer than a half hour. Unless it's Twilight series, then I could read all four basically in one sitting. (love them!) Anywho, it was a super good book, highly recommended. Yesterday morning on the bus ride to school, I started the other book, Cruel Summer. Yes, my bus ride is about 45 minutes long. (Not impressed). I didn't have a whole lot read, so I wasn't expecting to finish it last night. I read on the bus ride home after finishing my homework (yeaaa..I'm on the bus for an hour after school..but nice to have it to get all my homework done!!).

I teach class on Monday's so after I got home at 9:30, I made some tea and went to bed and read. and read. and read and read read read. Like I said, sloooow reader, so it takes me forever to get through a book usually. It was getting late, and I was already not feeling all the hot so I really should have gone to sleep, but I just kept saying "oh, just a few more pages". That is, until a few more pages turned into a few hundred pages...hehe. It was a super amazing book, with emotional highs and lows and with a really cool message at the end of it.

In the end, no matter what you had to go through, you'll be okay.
Okay, it said it much better and more elaborate in the novel itself, but that's the condenced version. (I didn't want to spoil it for you;))

The way the book was formatted wasn't in chapters, but rather journal/blog/letter entries. (which made it even more difficult to put down!) It has really inspired me to keep up with this blog and talk about many things other than dogs(okay, that's basically my whole life) but the lessons they teach me and things more profound than "TOFFEE AND MACH ARE AMAZING!!" even though they totally are!!

Despite my enjoyment of reading the book and writing about it later, going to sleep at 1:45am and getting up at 6:30am is not fun...I haven't been feeling good all day because of it...the room has been constantly been sprining.

Hopefully the weather will clear up by this weekend, as there is a trial to attend!! YAY, first outdoor trial of the year!! :)

Off to write the conclusion to my Human Nature essay, titled Tabula Rasa, meaning blank slate (John Locke) and my physics homework and maybe get to bed early tonight! (doubtful, Biggest Loser is on!)


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