Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here comes the sun..


She was hiding for most of the day yesterday, but you could tell she really wanted to come out. She finally did in the evening, and it was glorious. She went back into hiding, but left her heat for today until this afternoon. Mmm, sun :)

Yesterday we had a supply in for out OP class. She was away teaching in Malawi for a year and just got back two weeks ago. Our school had raised enough money to buy a video camera for a class over there in the refugee camp, and her special program was the Video Club. The students made a video filled with skits and dancing and life. It was pretty powerful. Gave me goosebumps.

I wanted our class to make a video to send back to them, but it's only the advanced OP class that gets to do that. Bummer. But she said that if we wanted to make one, she would send it along. Scout's honor.

A few of us are getting together to start filming it tomorrow at school. I was thinking of ideas for it last night and I found it difficult to show our life without it seeming like we have everything and they have nothing. I want to point of the movie to be that we're just the same as them. We're all human.

Mach's card (totally irrelevant) But with wrong address...ha! You can't find me...

So I've brainstormed a little bit more and thought that we could just show what our school looks like, our new technology. Also show the people at our school. Our school is packed with different races of people, cocaision, black, asian, etc. but we don't judge. Our school is pretty great about that. We have a lot of different styles of people, too. There's a lot of different groups, like sports teams, music groups, science clubs, etc. We all come together each day and co exist with eachother. We even have GIRLS that go to school. (they don't get many girls in the classrooms in Africa..:()

I want to go around the school, sort of like a tour, and then get people to wave and say a quick hello.
My OP class is going on a camping trip soon, and I think it would be cool to show a little bit of that in there, too. I have this vision for the end of the movie when the credits are rolling. When we're on the trip, having a campfire at night, I want all of us to sing "We are family! I got all my sisters with me..." Okay, that's the only part of the song that I know, but I think that it would be pretty cool if we could pull that off.

Rain on the pool from a few days ago. As ugly as rain is, I really love this picture. Cool colors.

One the topic of Africa, I've always wanted to go and maybe build schools or something..ANYTHING. I always have great ideas, but rarely pull through with them. I want to do this. It would totally change my life. I hope to get to do this. I really. do.

Afica Unite. (Bob Marley <3 )

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