Monday, May 23, 2011

Trials, MUD and the future!!

Super fun fun fun weekend!

Victoria day weekend is now over and back to school I go bright and early in the morning...
It's *almost* done. 25 days all together, but I only have 12 days of school plus three exams. Can you say PUMPED?!

It has been raining...STILL. There have been maybe three days in about 2 and a half weeks that have been nice enough that the sun shone, but it wasn't even an all day thing.

There was a trial Saturday and Sunday. The field that it was on is usually super great, but because of all this RAIN RAIN RAIN, it hadn't drained completely, so it was still pretty wet. By the end of the day, there were mud paths where everyone was standing, and running on the course. And when I say mud, I mean MUD. Like Woodstock mud. MUD. MUD. MUD. It was so filithy. And bitter cold. I think it was a high of 6. On the long weekend of May. 6'on!

Though, we went to our friends house for the night (she's the most kind person ever!). And Rowdie and her papillion Tadgh (I think I got the spelling correct..maybe it's Tagdh..."Tag") and our other agility friend's 10 week old aussie had GREAT fun playing all evening. Fun Fun.

Sunday wasn't so bad. We moved the field over so the mud could start drying up, and so that we didn't have to run around in the mud again...It was much better, and easier. It cleared up by noonish, I think. So much that I got a killer sunburn on my face (that still hasn't gone away..I look like a tomato, or just permantely embarassed...)

Toffee kicked butt, yet again. We were clean all 8 runs, but were a second overtime in the gamble. We had a great opening, though and she even got the gamble, which most people didn' was pretty tricky. She's actually the most amazing dog. I can't stress enough just how lucky I am to have her. She has changed my life forever. Man, I just really love her.
Video coming soon...enough

Today a few from our club went out to our new field to set things looks promising! I'm excited!!

...con't to next post...

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