Monday, May 23, 2011

World Team..??!!

I decided to split this post was entirely too long, and this is basically all I really wanted to share anyways.  :)


Before my last run, the judge, Roger Pierre Cote came up to me (yes, he seeked me out by my tent!) and said that I should apply for the world team. *jaw drops* Yep. I was having a slight hyper/panic/Ilovemylife attack while talking to him. When I asked him which one, he said both, but because Toffee isn't registered...we rescued her...she wouldn't be able to run on the CKC (FCI) team. That doesn't really matter, because of her size, she'd have to jump 26"..and well, that would be stupid. She's 17" for Pete’s sake!

She would, however, be able to be on the IFCS team and would only have to jump 22", which she had been in AAC. I moved her to specials because she was 5 and a half and she has a bad back. Her spine comes out of alignment, which causes her ribs to pop out, and causes a lot of soreness and she's unable to fully extend her stride. (but Elana helps her tons!!) And plus, the lower height is more suitable for her size, poor little thing having to jump 5" more than she is.

Anywho, I was pumped. I have looked into applying for the world team before. I've always known that I could only be on the IFCS team, and I was fine with that because as stated above, that would be stupid; jumping he at 26. I had applied for the 2008 team, but we had only been trialing for a year and her speed just wasn't fast enough then. By the time the 2010 team came around, it was already picked before I realized. It has been in my mind since we had proven ourselves worthy when we started back in the fall of 2006. But now I'm going for it. They're in Forth Worth, Texas next year in May (just a year away!) And like Roger said, even if I don't get on the team, at least my name will be in their minds and for possibly Mach and me in the future!

He was very kind and said that I was a great handler and Tof was a great dog. :)

I need to stay focused and keep having all the fun in the world. I only need 2 more standard for my Lifetime, too.  (WOW!) And whatever is waiting for us will happen and I'm sure it'll be friggin awesome. YAY!

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