Friday, July 22, 2011

Craving David Powell...

I've always wanted to do a little International agility trial sort of deal. Not an actual trial, but just training, like a funmatch. You know, with lots of people and everyone tries the courses out.

But last week when we were doing just the short sequences, the people I was training with were tired after the first one. *sigh*. I guess I'll have a World Championship all by myself!!

So I started looking at courses tonight and ahh, I want to go play agility so bad right now. Even though it's midnight and I am utterly exhausted, I want to go NOW!

They all just look so much FUN!

But I will have to wait for a day off. This coming saturday I'm going to convince my mom to go to the field so I can finish the rest of those sequences.

Then Sunday we have a little Funmatch. In support of the Kapers who are going to nationals this year. There's only three of us. But hey, me and mom make up 66.66666666666666666666666% of it. Mom will be glad, as she told me I needed to get money for nationals.So I organized a funmatch. So hey mom! Look at the money :) hah.

I'm thinking next weekend, as our last training session before nationals we will do some David Powell courses. I can't wait until next weekend. His courses to me are like candy to children. I'm so exciteeeeedd!

On another note, we finally got pictures from this awesome lady in Quebec who took them at nationals last year!!

hah, I love this picture. You can see my two paparazzi's on the side. What can I say? We're famous ;)

The countdown is on...

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