Saturday, July 30, 2011

Evening to myself :)

Tonight was awesome.
I drove myself to the field.
Four of us got together, two being from out of town.
We played around.
It was fun!

One lady was working on her running dogwalk and it's looking super great! She's on a full height, full length, full everything, whatever. It's awesome.

I set up some David Powell stuff for Toffee.
She rocked. She did everything perfectly. With ease.
Awesome dog :)
She is now in her bubble for Nationals.
I don't need anything to happen to her this week!

Mach did try one little part in the Powell course, and got it a few times, but we haven't worked stuff like that in a while, mostly obstacle performance, so it was pretty rusty. But speaking of obstacle performance...I did a session of dogwalks with him.

It was AWESOME!!!

He leaped a few times, but then I realized something. I've been saying "break" to him, after I set him up and throw the toy, to release him to run down. Um, duhhh. So I started saying "break" when he went up, and what do you know, perfection. He ran all the way down and hit it low. So now I need to fade the "break" to just "push". For now, it will be "break, push" until he gets the jist.

But it was so awesome!
So awesome!

I was so hot. And gross. And muddy (There was an enormous puddle by the dogwalk...exactly where I needed to run, on both sides. humph but my new shoes were up for it, and  my feet didn't get wet! Thank you gortex) and there's a ice cream parlour/hut/whateveryouwanttocallit next door, and I've been craving ice cream for so long. So I went up and got some ice cream.

BEST ice cream ever. Peanut butter caramel cookie dough. *insert watering mouth here*
So delicious.
So I sat on the back of the van with Toffee and ate my ice cream.
Then I came home and rocked out to music all the way home.

Mm. That's my definition of an awesome night.
I'm going to watch a movie now.
Peace out :)

p.s It was my friends birthday on thursday.
We went out for brunch.
These are (some) of my best friends.
I'm so blessed to have them in my life.
They rock.

I will have dog pictures later.

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