Friday, July 29, 2011

New Agility Shoes!

Yes...I got new shoes. When the entire sole comes off your old ones, I think it's time they be thrown out. ...actually, I don't even know where they are. Perhaps they knew their fate and walked themselves to the garbage already?

I don't particularily like shoes.
Not at all, actually.
Barefeet is the way to go.

I have an oddly disfigured foot.
It's like a bunion in a way that the bone sticks way out and doesn't like to fit into any shoes without a lot of pain.
I have crooked feet.
So I don't wear shoes.
Unless it's raining, snowing, etc.
And then I have to, or I'll get hypothermia. Or I'll fall (that's from experience). Or whatever.

I wanted to get minimalist shoes. But the whole point of me getting shoes would be that they would keep my feet dry for when it rained...when it's nice and dry out, heck, the soes are coming off - no matter how new they are!
And minimalist shoes, I guess, are not waterproof.
*Sad face* They're so comfy. For a shoe, anyways.

So we looked long and hard at Cleves when finally we found some lightweight running shoe with the added gortex layer.

Thank you Reebok.

I christened them tonight when I got home. They are actually nice. Lighter than the Solomon's I had before.
I did find out, however, that I am extremely and I mean *extremely* out of shape. Uh oh, Nationals, here we go...

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