Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lovely Weekend!

This weekend was perfect. Everything that I love all in one weekend!

Yesterday I went to my friends house and we went tubing down the river. It was so nice.
Brutally hot though, I think something like 40 degrees. Wowza.
It was nice on the river, though. Especially when there was a breeze.

So there's a couple stories.
We we just chillin' and then all of a sudden, something lands on me and then bounces into the water. At the first second, I though Jess had thrown something at me. But then she was like "Dude!!! That was a fish!"

A FISH. Yes, a fish jumped out of the water and landed on me, then bounced off and tumbled back into the water.


A little later down the river, we're approaching a strong current and a somewhat downhill sort of deal. There's two dudes out in their lawnchairs  in the water. As we're picking up speed, we realize we can't get  over into the middle in enough time to avoid these guys. So we start yelling "We're coming through!!!" But the water was too loud (or their hearing is gone...)

so being the nice people that we are, we hop off our tubes and boogey just in time to not clock them in the back of the head. But by being off our tube, the current was so strong it basically destroyed us. So our tube went flying, along with our garbage (thankfully the other people with us found it and picked it up), my hat and Jess' sunglasses. Except they are gone. Sad.

But who cares about those...I almost died. The rocks were so slippery and not to mention ouchie on my feet. And the water was so shallow that when the current took me under, I'd get abused by the rocks. Hello bruises on my back. Ouch. But we're alive. Whatever.

Also, when we got home, her brother set off a firework...from  his hand. Scariest thing ever. Yes, I screamed.

Today, however was a dog day! Agility, more specifically.

I organized a funmatch in support of our club members going to nationals in a couple weeks.
It was super fun!
Mach did the big dog stuff.
He rocked it, of course.
Toffee did too, but what else is new? ;) the rockstar.
Do it.
I said, do it.
Watch it.
No videos of Toffee, but I'll just let you imagine the awesomeness of it.

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