Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day in the life of...

Ah, today was lovely.
Woke up early and took the dogs for a walk.
Then I did a session of contacts with Macherdude.
Then I hung out for a little, made a healthy lunch, watched some FRIENDS :)
Did another session with Doodlebop. (he's doing awesome, might I add)
Went for a run/walk for an hour.
Did some chores.
Went to the field and played with my children!!
Ate supper.
Learned a new song on my guitar!!
House of the Rising Sun.
This is my favorite version :)
I just wish they could do the whole song..

Perfect day!

I stole these from Tori.

They looked so fun! I always want to practice World team stuff, but never have the room to set up a full course. I always try to take any set up and make it 3x harder than the sequences they have made, but that doesn't always work out so well. I'm glad she shared these :)

We only got around to doing this one...I could have done more, but my drive home needed to go. We did other stuff before, though. Like gamble work. He amazed me, actually!

Toffee did this first and it was beautiful on the first try! read the serp nicely at 2 and I was able to stay way back to get a FC in after 5, basically beside the weaves to get a tight turn to 6. The serp at 7 was fine, I had to boogy to get around the weaves and into position in time, though! The RC at 8 was my favorite part. Because Toffee has rockin' weave entries, and I like showing them off. :) hehe I was able to hang back and let her finish the weaves, did a little TA between 9-10 and a FC at 11 and cue the turn to 12.

I tried it a different way the second time. Instead of the RC at 8, I serped the weaves, then RC 9, which pulled them in, so no need for a TA, and since I was down the field so much, I trusted that she would go to the tunnel so I could run down and set the line coming out of the tunnel. Perfection, of course. :)

I got Mach out and intended on breaking it down, perhaps making it a little easier for the baby dog, but he says NO WAY! I'M A SUPERSTAR!! And he did it!!

The first time through, he got the weave entry and let me do the RC (We struggle with onside weaves, and I haven't practiced FOREVER) and I hung back like I did with Toffee and he finished them with no problem. I, however, was a little excited about the whole thing and flubbed 9-11 up. We practiced 6-12 a few more times. He's such a rockin' little boy :) I'm so pround of him :) Worlds, here we come!!!

Hopefully I will be able to do the other sequences soon.
I really should have taped training tonight. Ah time!

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