Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful day!

Today was the most beautiful day this year! It hit a high of a smokin' 13 degrees! I went out in a sweater! What joy! The sun was shining...goodness, it was so beautiful. Spring is on it's way :)

Today I stayed true to my healthy eating plan, and I ate healthy all day! I'm proud of that, because usually I'll slip at least a little bit at some point. For breakfast I had a strawberry smoothie. For Lunch I had a veggie thing...I don't know, I just chopped up carrots, green peppers, corn and mixed a little bit of the chicken left over from last night's supper. It was delicious! Then I had a handful of almonds for an afternoon snack, then for supper we had brown rice, turkey meatballs, and the same salad as last night, finishing the day off with an apple with peanut butter. Yay for healthy eating!

Okay, this wasn't from today, but it's still a cute picture :)

I also went for a run today....yikes. No, it really wasn't bad at all. It felt so refreshing to get a good dose of endorphins. Seeing how that last time I worked out (as in not just agility, or walking/hiking with the dogs) was last july....ahhahahaha..see? I am terribly out of shape. So I didn't think I would last very long. But I made it to 30 minutes. I did take two short walk breaks, though. So in total, I probably ran 25 minutes. I came back home and did an amazing 20 minute stretch routine. I love stretching. It feels so nice after all that vigourous cardio to take a deep breath and release all the tension. And I did it outside, which was even better. It cooled down pretty quick, though, as it was already 4pm.

I also cleaned my mom's van today. It needed a good ol' cleaning. After the barn all winter, the dirt piles up. I know, I know, we're at the barn for another month and a half, but we have a trial in a couple of weekends, so it needed to be done before then, anyway.

YAY TRIAL!!!!!! So excited.

I heard it's supposed to be really nice all week, so I'm excited.

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