Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspiration of sorts

Okay this was from like, two weeks ago...but I haven't had time...

I'm continually being inspired by things this week. I made a shirt two days ago. I had this old tshirt that I bought at VV for a dollar. It's straight out of the 80's, I'm sure. Neon green spandex... So I cut the neck really big, and used that material and scrunched it up and sewed it to one of the shoulders, and then sewed a lace strap on the other shoulder to keep it up, accompanied with white metal buttons on each end. I think it's pretty sweet, but anyone without a really weird personality, like myself, couldn't pull it off, I don't think. Because, basically it's extremely ugly, but so ugly that it's awesome.

I was on We Heart It last night and I found so many great pictures of inspiration. Here's a few of the many that I loved.

Can't wait until my hair is this long...It's getting there...few more years  :)
I had a late night burst of inspiration when I saw one of my old shirts. It had this crisscross stretchy thingy on the top, with just a flowy bottom. It was way too small for me and was just waiting to go to the orange bins. But I looked at it and an idea came! I cut the top apart from the bottom and cut it a little thinner. I also had to cut about an inch or two off the length and sew it back together, as it was a little too big. And voila! A headband!
Then I was looking at the bottom, trying to figure out what I was going to use that as. I thought I would cut it into strips and braid them, and use them as another headband, but an idea came to me! You can just double it up and use is as a headband. Or you can use it as a scarf.

Yesterday I went over to my friends house for the day, and we TIE DYED! so. much. fun.

I made three shirts, a bracelet and a headband. I'm definitely going to be doing that again soon.
I'll get pictures of those when she brings them to me next week!

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