Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Staying true to my word. Stay Inspired.

Yes, I stayed true to what I said, and I made something artsy. I painted! Now, I don't have cool colors, or even a brush that's worth looking at, nor do I have canvas or something cool to paint on. BUT, I had a good time, and it's much better than sitting infront of the computer or tv.

This is what I made a while ago. Quotes, ftw!

Best quote. I thought the good ol' four-leaf clover suited it.

This birdy is on one of my journals. It has a really cool cover. It's blue, with a quote "Peace is always beautiful" and there's peace signs and flowers and this bird, all sorts of different designs. Really cool. AND, it's a ecojot..saving the planet while writing! Doesn't get much better than that :)

I wish I never put that last branch on the bottom. I never had it, but I thought I would lopside it a bit, but now I wish I hadn't. Oh well...

So there you have it.

Everyone should always keep to their word. Everything is better that way.
Hope everyone was inspired by something today!

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