Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rambling lifestyle and spring.

That title makes absolute no sense.

We went to the barn today! It was much much fun. It was weird not running two dogs...Mach is still recovering from his neuter on wednesday. He's doing really great, back to his normal self - but not allowed to run, sheesh. Toffee is so great and so easy and so familiar. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to train Mach, as he's so different from Toffee. Much softer, but he's starting to get the hang of things, so we'll grow as a team as he grows older. I'm in no rush to trial him. Toffee and I are working great, 14 more standard Q's for our Lifetime. She's so much fun to run :)

I like to bring peace into anything I'm making....That pizza was extremely delicious, by the way.

We left the barn to go to Bren's so I could try on some hand-me-down's from her niece. I got so many nice things! I like hand-me-down's much better than store bought clothes. For one, you don't have to pay for them, and by the time you get them, they've long been out of the stores, and you don't see many people with the same clothes!

This is the shirt I made. Plus the headband. Yay for peace and inspiration and laughter.

Me and my friend went to a hockey game last night! UNB won against Xavier. Yay! It was her birthday, so I gave her her present! I love giving people stuff!

This wasn't taken today, as you can see there's ice on the trees. But it was really pretty. Today, however was So. Nice. So.So.So nice. Spring is finally on its way! I was only in my ski pants and a sweater in the barn, and it was much colder in the barn than it was outside with the sun shining down. By 4 o'clock, though it was cooled down, but it was so beautiful for a little while. I think it's supposed to be nice again tomorrow. :) I can't wait for spring to be here!

 Mach enjoys shredding old slippers.

I've decided that now's the time that I start eating better and start working out again. I mean, I've been doing agility all winter, but it's not the same as a halfhour run. Summer is approaching and that means shorts and bathingsuits. I'd just feel bad for everyone if they had to see me...yay healthy!

We kick started that plan by having an amaaaaazing salad for supper. It was complete with baby spinach, mandarins, strawberries, apples, skinless white chicken, walnuts (that turned out to be stale, so I didn't eat them) and topped with a little rasberry vinegrette. Yummy!
I thought it looked so good, I needed to take a picture of it at the dinner table...

So there you have it: Rambling lifestyle and spring.

Have a great day!

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