Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a week!!

Wow, so busy! I've had something to do every night this week, on top of homework..great joy.
This is the first week back from March Break, and it was soooo long. I'm so tired.

Monday we got a new addition to our family. He's my mom's pup. His name is Rowdie. He's a pyr shep and he's a fiesty little sucker! Great attitude, tug drive, but not so great with the whole sleeping thing. He's a screamer. But not that I hear anything when I'm sleeping anyway..

He's so cute:)

Then tuesday, I worked on a project all night. Then wednesday me and my friend were going to get our nails all done, but she cancelled..but I keep forgeting to rebook...I should get on that! Then wednesday I worked on that project (group project by myself...typical..grrr) then thursday I did a work out with two ladies who do agility and then tonight....what an adventure!

So, Bren picked me up from school. She only got off work a little after school was over, so I had lots of time to get homework done, and I managed to complete two assigments, which is really nice, because those would have taken me forever at home with all the distractions. We first went and got a little food because we were both starving, then we went over to get some dog treats, then we went to bulk barn and got some organic peanut butter, then over to fabricville to get some material to make this dress....

ISN'T THIS AMAZING!!!?!?!!!!??
I was looking on , I think it was, and I found this. So glad I did, because I want I'm goig to make it. So after we figured out how we think it's made (the picture doesn't let us see much), we got the stuff, then we headed over to walmart and got some tie dye so I can make it super awesome. And what do ya know, there's a kit with all those colors in the pack! How luckyy! We were passing through and I saw these shorts that are perfect for doing agility in in the summer. Little tiny shorts. I hate long shorts, especially in like 25-30 degree weather. Soo hot. But nice!! So she bought them for me for my birthday..yes, my birthday is in June. But they'd be gone if we waited. :) That was her thinking anyway.

Then we had this super cool guy at the cash...I love seeing cool people.

Anyways, we then headed over to Winners to get Bren a travel outfit for her trip in a couple weeks. Then I saw this amazing top. Like, amazing. It was screaming my name and all  hippies. I don't even know how to describe it, it was just so awesome. And Brenda being her, she bought it for me...I feel so bad, she just buys everything for me. But that is also going to be with my present. I can wait. And it's easy because it's a little tank top thingy. It's still too cold to wear it.

Mach likes helping with loading the dishwasher...

ANYWHO... we had left winners, made it back to her house, ate a little then she was driving me home. Out club is getting this new field, but we have to like, make it all agility-able. So we were driving past and she decided to show me exactly where it was. But she's going to a seminar in the morning, and she hadn't packed her things yet and she would be up really late, and yatta yatta, so I was like "No, Bren you have to get home!" and She's like "Noo, we'll just go look". And so we did. We pulled into the little driveway thing. But it never occured to her that because the frost is coming out of the ground, it would be really we got stuck. Well, not at first. The mud was the least of our problems.

We started sinking and spinning the tires in the mud, so she got out of the ridges to back up. But she didn't realize that there was a little bit of a turn in the driveway...and we went in the ditch. Well, okay, not really. But we would have. She was over a little too far to the side, and there was a tree stump, which we drove over and got stuck on the back axel, so we couldn't move. At all. I called up my dad and he came to our rescue. He got there and tried just pulling it out, and when that didn't work, that'd when we realized that we were stuck on a stump, so we all drove back to our house, got a jack and some wood to hoist it up then drove back to the field, which is a 13 minute drive. So now, my dad has made three trips. He jacked it up, got some wood under the tire and tried pulling again. No success. So he jacked it up higher, put more wood...with SUCCESS!!

It was a long cold night, but I'm glad everything is alright and good to go.

When we came back the second time, I brought the camera to take some memorable pictures of this night hahaha

Hahaha, but we got 'er out!

Tomorrow I'm going to the barn!! Yay!

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