Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in review.

2011. You were a glorious year. You have been my favourite year of all my existence. You have taught me more than I could ever put into a blog post.

Last year, when I was thinking of new years resolutions, it was to be more crafty. It was to create. To live in art. Yes, I did. I love art. I learned *sorta* how to play guitar, I painted, I listened to and found new music. I listened to music a lot. I did tie dye, made shirts, and many more things. I most definitely lived in art more so this year than any other. I appreciated it.

As the year went on, I changed it. I think it may have been around Feb or March. It was to get out more. Haha, I know. That's sad to make that your resolution. But I needed to do it. I hate not following through with things, so I had to do it. And so I did. I went out. I saw my friends a lot more. Maybe not during the summer as much, but I was so busy with agility..but this school year; it's been fantastic.

In November, for leadership, we made a wellness goal, and mine was to get more sleep. I made a goal, and I followed through. I have been getting more sleep and that has made me feel so much better! I feel like a new person! So vigourating to live each day without being dead tired!

Looking back on all of my new years resolutions of the past, I've realized that they have all changed my life. They have helped me become a better person. Without realizing it, I did that to myself. Pretty cool. For 2012, it is going to be the year of change, of growth, of opportunity. Things will change, I will change, people around me will change, they will leave and I most likely will never see some of them again. It's the year of happy, the year of sad, of moving on, of making your own life happen. The year to follow your dreams. Or to begin to, anyways. All in one year, I will graduate from highschool and start university. That's change.

Ah, sidebar.

I have decided that this years resolution will be to stay off the computer. Not completely, but a lot more. Basically to find other things to occupy my time, my brain and do something useful. Rad idea, I know.

Pictures tell a story. Looking back on the pictures from this past year, the story those photos tell is pretty cool.

We found a trail, we went hiking, Mach could be trusted more and more, I went back to school, I dissected a shark, I wrote exams; twice, I got good grades, and I got a couple bad, one of my best friends moved away, I missed her, I met new people, I hated physics, I drank tea and fell in love, we got a new puppy, old friends visited, we visited old friends, I made food, went to agility seminars, learned lots, watched the sun set in all its beauty, went to agility trials, got lots of Q's, went to more agility trials, mostly in the rain.

Mach learned all about agility, he grew a lot, and I did too because of it. I read books and got wrapped up into them, I got my full driving license, went for walks with my friends, we got a camaro, I went on a camping trip with my class and loved every minute of it, I finished the hardest year in school that I have ever had, my wisdom teeth were removed, and went to more agility trials...

Toffee and I earned our Lifetime Achievement Award and Mach and I started trialing and earned our first Q's together.

I had campfires, ate smores, chips and dip and I went swimming. Took the dogs swimming, too.

We went to Nationals. My fifth time going.

It was the most amazing experience in my life. We won nationals, along with top junior handler, and steeplechase. We did it. We made it happen. I am so blessed.

I met new people, talked to some I have wanted to for a very long time and soaked up every minute of it.

I started my Grad year. I made friends with new people, I found a new appreciation for life and all that it is. I found a new appreciation for the people in my life and have tried to make it a point to make sure they know it.

I found a passion in healthy living,(okay, still trying), and trying to figure out the wild world.

Mach got his first titles and Toffee ranked the top dog in atlantic Canada.

I lived, I learned, I loved, I laughed, I smiled, I cried, I cherish, I was selfish, I was grateful, I was selfless, I was mad, I was happy, I grew, I grew a lot.

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