Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's such a wonderful time of the year!

Today was PERFECT.
Okay, kinda stressful. But not at all at the same time.

There's only 5 days until Christmas. FIVE. Il y a seulement cinq jours. CINQ!
Ah, mon doux!

All of my friends loved their cookie baggies. I got a hug from all of them and I loved every minute of it.
I love my friends. They are golden.

Today was Ugly Sweater day. A lot of people had them, and I'm not kidding when I say that I would wear about 90% of them on any given day. They're all so pretty. I love sweaters.

Our trip to UNB was fun, too. Well, sorta. Kinda boring. Not really. A little interesting. Maybe. Yeah. No. Hmm. A guy in our class reached 60 VO2. That's awesome. But all I could really think of the entire time I was there was just how hungry I was. So hungry. All the time.

Also, we have to do a french speech (die) after the break. Meaning I have to write a friggin french speech over the break. I'm sorry, I thought "break" meant no work; an actual break from school work. But they don't seem to understand that. But at least I get to write it whatever in the world would please my little heart.

I watched The Santa Claus 2 this evening. It was splendid. I remember when we were younger, my brothers and I, would chant around our living room on Christmas Eve, saying "Santa Claus is coming, Santa Claus is coming!" Watching that movie reminded me of the good 'ol times.

Back then, in any persons childhood, your life is full of magic. You believe in everything. You believe in magic, you believe in love, in the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, that you wont have a broken heart because everyone will always come back for you. Why do we lose sight of the magic in every day things? Why do we lose the magic in the belief of something so simple. Maybe it's a simple answer, and maybe it isn't. Who are we to decide. But wait. Who are we not to decide? Magic is in everything.

I've stayed up a half hour...okay, forty five minutes past what I should have...okay, it was an hour...looking at grad quotes. (We can have a quote of anything at all under our picture in the yearbook). They're due on Friday, and I cannot decide on one. I have a page and a half a written out quotes. Yikes.

But here's a picture. Enjoy. Love yourself, always.

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