Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Although it most definitely does not feel like it. I will be in school until the 23rd. I don't know if I like that or not. We will get our two weeks off. We go back to school the 10th, and I do like having the time after Christmas to get ready and all that. But I also think it's stupid because we're back to school for 10 days and then it's exam time. I just wish we had our exams before Christmas to get them over and done with. I don't like having to think about exams while on vacation. It's a much needed vacation.

But school has not stopped me from getting into the Christmas spirit! I've been listening to Christmas music all month. Our house has been fully decorated for a while now; our christmas lights on every night. They're beautiful.

I've finished all my shopping, wrapped most of it, done all my baking and they are all ready to be given out to my friends tomorrow. I made little cards for all of them, too. I hope they like them :)

This past Saturday we had our Kapers (our agility club) Christmas party at our house. It was fun. It was nice seeing everyone together, especially all the newbies to the club. Nice group of people. The oldies practically rasied me.

I made Scotch cakes, iced them with whipped vanilla icing, and decorated them with smarties and chocolate chips, Magic sqaures, which are quite literally magical. I also made the best in the world chocolate chip cookies. It's the best batch I have ever made. Baked to perfection. Yum! And lastly, I made peanut butter chocolate squares. The recipe is in one of the pictures. So easy and they definitely have the YUM! factor. So delish.

For the Christmas party, I have made a themed cake for the past couple years. This year I decided to make a tree. Much easier said than done. It was really difficult to ice it, but it turned out okay. And delicious. I also made Santa Hat brownies, thanks to Pinterest for showing me the wonderful creations. I made them with Ghirardelli browni mix from Cost brownies in the world. You have to go but a box. So. Good.

And what's a post without an adorably beautiful Toffee photo?

This week is going to be pretty crazy. I have 3 tests on thursday. Tomorrow I am going to the Currie Center for Exercise Science. This week at our school is Themed Day week. Each day is a different theme, all in the name of Christmas Spirit. Today was Red and Green. I wore a red sweater and green sweat pants (it's monday ;)), tomorrow is Ugly Sweater day. That is my most favorite day of all. My sweater is the best. It has ornaments on it. Wednesday is Christmas Character day. I don't think I'll do this seems as though I don't have an elf or santa costume laying around....Thursday is Classy have to dress up? I don't think so. This chick rides in sweats all day, every day. ;) But it may be an excuse to wear this cute little dress/leggings/boots combo that I've been waiting to wear. But I have three tests that maybe not. And lastly, Friday is PJ day. (Just another sweats day for me, haha) Also, it's only a half day. And there is the Christmas Assembly, where I could potentially win prizes. For nothing. #win.

That was a emmence paragraph about pointless school activities that nobody  cares about. hehe.

There's also a lunch time activity each day. Today was Chug-a-Nog....chugging a carton of Egg Nog. No thanks. Tomorrow is pictures with Santa. And I don't know what else is going on.

Christmas Coffee House is Wednesday evening, but seeing how I have three tests on Thursday, I doubt I should go. Would probably end up being very bad...

I am very tired. I need to get up early and go to school. At least I am missing 3 periods for a field trip. (in grade 12 :) )

Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. Erin, your options are to write more blog entries or talk to me more often -- I MISS YOU!