Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Are y'all just as excited, that Christmas is here, as I am?
Also, I'm on break...FINALLY! Such a much needed break. Oof.

Today has been relatively relaxing. Slept in, cleaned up, wrapped some presents, went in town to get groceries for tonight, more cleaning, more wrapping, some eating in there, too.

Tonight should be relaxing, too. Since we stopped going over to our neighbours on Xmas Eve, we've stayed home, watched a Christmas movie and ate a lot of food in front of the fire. I like it.

It snowed a lot yesterday, so now we're in for a White Christmas! I don't particularily enjoy snow. It means it's cold enough out, and I have to bundle up in a lot of clothes, and I can't play agility outside. However, I do like it for Christmas. It just doesn't seem right without it. But after the Holidays are over, I want it gone. Because, then it becomes annoying.

Mach's excited that it's a white and fluffy outside! Look how cute. Gah.

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