Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beautiful Saturday!

Who knew agility-less weekends could be so fun!?!!

The weekend is only half over, but already it's been a blast!
This morning I woke up with a sore throat...getting sick ALREADY. gosh.
But I had some meds with my breakfast smoothie and was good to go.
I went to the much fun!

I got some fried dough. Probably the most delicious thing I've ever tasted in my life. It had cinnamon sugar, nutella, banana, rasberry and cream cheese icing on it. Umm...ya, I don't need to say anything thing more.

I got picked up by Brandon, whom I was giving a lesson to later. Him and his wife are the cutest people ever. Super chill and was super fun to hang out with in the afternoon while we played with their pup, Odis. (Who by the way, is dangerously adorable...)

Mom came to pick me up and then we took Rowdie and Mach for a walk on the walking trial. We had a little burdock incident, but we managed. We walked across the walking bridge and then to downtown to the lighthouse and looked over the river for a bit.

We then went out for a greasy supper. (Unfortunately, it was tasty...) and then we walked over to Jumbo to rent a movie...Burlesque. Ran into my friend who invited herself over to watch it with us...yaa!

I came home and did homework while watching Criminal Minds and then Tor came over and we watched the movie.

Burlesque was so good! Totally recommend watching it. Really.

I'm digging "Dearest - The Black Keys" at the moment. Literally. Listening to it right now. I'm too lazy to link it. So go look it up.

I guess  this weekend isn't completely agility-less...I'm teaching a snooker class tomorrow evening. But the morning is wide open! I'm thinking smoothie and pancakes on the deck...or if it's too cold, a movie while bundled up in moofy socks and sweaters.

Good night lovely's! :)

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